Ten Types of Content to Grow Your Brand in 2021


 "Content is two things, message and channel. It's what you say, and how you deliver it.”

― Josh Steimle



When it comes to content, many brands focus on one type - the written kind. Blog posts, articles, eBooks being the most popular. But to generate more leads and sales with digital marketing, you'll have to explore and integrate other types of content. 


Using various content types helps you reach a broader audience as you cater to different learning styles. So, in addition to blog posts, articles and eBooks, here are ten top types of effective content to improve your brand's marketing in 2021. 


1. Quizzes

One of the reasons quizzes are popular is because we like learning about ourselves. They're a fun and interactive way for your audience to engage with your content. You can get quality leads by offering access to the answers as a gated opt-in.


2. Podcasts 

One of the most effective marketing strategies right now, audio podcasts have become so popular even Amazon music now has them on Alexa. You can repurpose your written content and videos and start your own show. Make it a one-time occurrence, a season or an ongoing series. A fast and cost-effective way to reach a broader, targeted audience is to guest on podcasts or interview experts. 


3. Checklists

I love Checklists because they can be quickly consumed and give people an overview of what needs to be done. They're also easy to create and can be as simple as a 1-page white paper, actionable PDF content with graphics and links, or an engaging HTML5 Flipbook. 


4. Challenges

I mean the challenges that help your audience solve a problem or achieve a result over a set time using specific steps. They're popular because you give people daily actionable information while encouraging them until the goal is reached. Challenges are an effective way to demonstrate your expertise, build trust, add new subscribers quickly, and convert clients.


5. Infographics

As our attention spans become shorter online, we tend to scroll by long-winded posts. Infographics are a great way to make it easy for your audience to consume your content in a few seconds. They can quickly scan your infographic and get value.


6. Case studies

You can do a case study to demonstrate how your offer solves your audience's problems. Seeing how your product, program, or service helped someone else can move your audience along their buyers' journey, thus boosting conversions.





7. Presentations

Simply copy and paste the important points in your content into a visually attractive branded template. You can upload the entire presentation to sites like SlideShare, create an Instagram multimedia slideshow, or post as single graphics.


8. Short-form Videos

With more people online since the pandemic, video is an excellent way for brands have to stand out above the digital noise. Consider repurposing your popular content into short videos that cater to people who prefer watching over reading.


9. User-generated Content

Because we trust other consumer's opinions more than brands, content created and shared by your audience is one of the most effective marketing strategies online. A perfect example is Amazon reviews. I don't know about you, but I always read reviews before deciding to buy something online. Invite people to share what they love about your goods or services. UGC can be testimonials, social media shares, video reviews, Influencer posts, or wearing branded merch.  


10. Livestreams or Webinars 

Using Zoom because of the pandemic has made video popular. Both short and long-form videos establish authority and build trust faster than the written word. While Livestreaming is a great way to engage and interact with consumers, webinars effectively educate your audience on a specific topic. Yours can be live or evergreen recorded videos.


There you have it. Ten top formats that not only add value and educate your audience, but also make your campaigns stand out among your competitors. You can repurpose these formats into incentives and content upgrades for people to join your subscriber list. Or offer them as exclusive content for your existing buyers or email readers only. 


Experiment with one or multiple formats to see what best serves your target audience. Than use the data to get better results or consider working with me to optimize your digital marketing strategy.




In addition to consulting, I offer done-for-you content services. 


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