7 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Page


Ideally, the long-term objective of a professional page should be to connect with your audience and add value. Not to collect followers like stamps." 

- Nancy Gathecha.


With an estimated 1.45 billion people logging on daily, Facebook is currently the most popular social networking website, making it a strategic place to attract your audience and advertise your business.

There are people who make sales doing business on their personal profiles, but this is a bad idea because it's against Facebook's terms and conditions. While some get away with it, many a user has woken up and found their account shut down. If you want to use Facebook for business, creating a fan page is the best way to gain exposure for our brand. 

However, many people find it challenging to promote and grow their page once it is set up. In this post you'll discover simple visibility tactics to attract new followers, grow your audience and build awareness for your brand. 


Here are seven tactics to grow a Facebook business page organically (without spending money on ads.)


1) Invite Friends And Customers To Like The Page.

Once you create your business page, there is a function that lets you invite people you already know to like your page. Email your customers inviting them to connect with you on social. It's a good idea to tell people what benefit they'll get by following your page. Because social media is about being social, be sure to like other companies or peoples pages when they invite you. Too many people ignore the law of reciprocity in life. Support others and others may support you.


2) Link The Page To A Personal Profile.

Humans are curious by nature, and we often check out each others personal profiles on social media. Linking a professional page to a profile in the bio section is like a virtual business card. It tells profile visitors about your professional presence on Facebook. Yet I see many people not doing make this and missing a good opportunity to grow their fan page passively. Your social media manager or virtual assistant can link the business page to her profile and attract new audiences that way. Use this simple tactic and strangers who want to "friend" you or check out your profile can connect with your brand effortlessly without you having to do anything.


3) Share Content Frequently.

Depending on the needs of your audience, be sure to post created or curated content regularly. Consistently sharing content can help your algorithms and keep your followers interested and engaged. You don't have to spam their timelines with multiple sales posts a day, but update your professional page with relevant content two to five times a week. If people come to your page and see the last post was shared in 2017, they will unfollow or wonder if you're still in business. Although Facebook algorithms don't like scheduled posts and will reduce the organic reach, based on your digital marketing objectives, you can use social media management tools that let you schedule posts in bulk, so you don't always have to be logged in to share fresh content.


4) Use Variety When Posting.

Reward your followers by sharing a variety of interesting content. Facebook favors video and visuals over text only. Test different formats, then use the data and insights to see what kind of content performs best. Some ideas are infographics, open questions, eye-catching visuals, engaging polls or contests. An occasional controversial perspective is an excellent way to be authentic on social media. As long as it is not offensive, if you are comfortable with it, a polarizing post will not harm your brand. People will enjoy content that is inspiring, informative, entertaining or educative. Remember to ask them to like, share or comment. Get this FREE 30-day content template with prompts and ideas for your pages.

5) Connect To Your Blog Or Website.

Some people try to build and run a business solely on social media. Huge mistake. It's like building a home on someone's property. Zuckerberg can decide to evict us any time. A better strategy is to link the fan page to your website which is your virtual real estate and execution hub. Ideally all digital marketing systems and strategies should lead back to your site.  Because a consumer will have multiple touch points with your brand in the buyer journey, give them the option to connect with you on Facebook. A Like Box with a header and faces is social proof that lets people quickly see who else likes your page. 


6) Hold Contests And Giveaways.

These are fun ways to gain new followers and boost engagement. For example, you can ask your fans to like, share and comment on your content to enter a contest. Then use software like Pagemodo to randomly pick a winner. Prizes can be coupons, services, or products. Another way to have giveaways is letting your fans be part of special milestones. For example, announce that when you hit 3000 followers, there will be prizes for followers who also share your page. Ask those who share to tag you so that their names are added in the giveaway. Some prize winner software requires the contestants to comment, so be sure to explain the conditions clearly. 


7) Slow But Steady.

Building an audience takes dedication, time, and patience. The goal is not to collect a bunch of people, but to connect with your target audience. And while sometimes a smaller engaged community is better than a huge fan base, gaining loyal followers and customers requires authenticity and consistency and value-adding content. Apply these seven steps, and you will gradually attract new audiences to your brand or business fan page without spending any money on ads.


Is your brand using  Facebook for business? I consult on strategies to attract and engage your audience. Hire me for digital strategies to optimize your company's social media presence. 

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